One of our most popular concerns when hiring a marquee, especially during the winter months is regarding heating and 'Will the marquee will be warm enough?' - The simple answer is yes!

We use indirect diesel heaters which sit outside of the marquee and provide large volumes of clean, fume free, warm air via ducting which are ideal for use in marquees, warehouses and other structures that have limited ventilation. They are also thermostatically controlled which you can control from inside the marquee just as you would control the temperature in your home.

They are supplied to you with a full tank of diesel which should give you approximately 10hrs running time. If you require extra diesel for an extended hire then please ask.

We can also provide outdoor patio heaters which throw out from 5KW up to 13KW of heat which you can adjust to keep you and your guests nice and warm at parties, BBQ's, dinners and more.