Party Gallery

Welcome to our Party Gallery page which covers a number of events that were for various parties that we have installed. Please feel free to browse through the pics which have a brief description of the event and the equipment provided.

If you are planning a party and like some of the ideas below or even have some ideas of your own then please contact us by clicking HERE.

50th Birthday Party in Chigwell (April 2017)

This client came to us via a recommendation for her husband's surprise 50th. She wanted something simple and sleek going for the classic black & white theme. We also supplied the dance floor, bar unit, fridge and last minute heating as the temperature had dropped! The party was a great success with a very happy husband!

Birthday Party in North London (April 2017)

With limited space and different angles on the patio directly outside the house we managed to combine three marquees and made the most of it! Completely floored, connected and guttered throughout, they used the different areas to their advantage. With white flat linings, an LED bar, poseur tables and LED uplighters the event was a huge success!

18th Birthday Party in Ongar (March 2017)

Another recommendation for us where they wanted an event with the WOW factor for their daughters 18th. We gave them some ideas and thoughts on how to achieve this and they gave us the flexibility and freedom to do so. Along with the marquee we arranged the toilets, generator and power distribution. We also put forward the DJ who also provided the amazing lighting and LED dance floor. It really was a pleasure to work on this event along with other great suppliers, working with clients who trusted us to do what we do best - complete event solution!

21st Birthday Club Party in Havering-atte-bower-bower (October 2016)

We received the initial call regarding this 21st birthday party as we are based a stones through away from the venue. With very specific ideas from the birthday girl for a club night we gave her exactly what she wanted! Star cloth ceiling over the dance floor finished with black out linings throughout, a circular LED bar unit, LED lighting, neon signs, deluxe toilet unit and even a First AID tent (just in case!). The clients were overwhelmed with the final product, proving that we aren't just a marquee company but a one stop complete event solution!

Engagement Party in Bromley (September 2016)

This client actually found us through Instagram and liked our pictures so we carried out a site visit for her engagement party. She was trying to keep to a budget without compromising in quality which we can always help with. We were on hand every step of the way, receiving calls and texts at all hours with questions, changes or just reassurance which was never a problem. The event went off very well, with many complimenting the marquee and a huge thank you from the client for great customer service throughout!

A Long Narrow Garden 50th Birthday Party in Hornchurch (August 2016)

Another recommendation for us from a client with a very narrow garden so they wasn't sure it was even possible. We managed to get a 3m x 15m marquee in there, using every centimetre of available space. Fitted with white flat linings, star cloth, LED uplighters and pour tables. A great night was had by all and a great family to work with!

Circus Themed Birthday Party in Hornchurch (July 2016)

A very simple 9m x 9m marquee decorated with coloured organza to give a circus tent theme, finished off with a mirror ball and LED uplighters for great lighting effects!

A Traditional Wake In Hornchurch (June 2016)

An unfortunate death in the family of one of our favourite clients meant that we were on hand so the family and friends could pay their final respects on what turned out to be a beautiful day.

50th Birthday Party in Laindon (May 2016)

One of our regular clients was organising a 50th birthday for her brother in a 9m x 21m marquee for 200 guests with hard wood flooring, ivory linings, star cloth ceiling, chandelier lighting and entrance marquee.

Birthday Party in Brentwood (December 2015)

Arranged last minute just the week before the event for a birthday party in Brentwood for the clients son. We supplied a 6m x 9m with white flat linings, black valances and overlays along with flooring, carpet, lighting and heating. They also went for the dance lighting package which is really effective in the evening.

Beautiful 21st Birthday Party in Bromley (September 2015)

Another valued repeat client who wanted to hold a 21st Birthday for their daughter had a 9m x 24m marquee with linings, star cloth, flooring, carpet, dance floor, furniture, heating - the works! We also sourced the chair covers with two different shades of pink sashes to match the theme of the event. It was a really successful event and the daughter loved it!

60th Birthday Party in Chigwell (April 2015)

The client wanted a clean, elegant looking marquee plus a touch of lilac as it matched her dress! This was a 6m x 9m marquee with white flat linings, LED uplighters, flooring, carpet, heating, a dance light package along with mirror ball and smoke machine. We also supplied our active speakers which plugged straight into an iPad so they had their own playlist going all night without the cost of a DJ!

Belated 30th Party in St Albans (February 2015)

A previous client of ours was pregnant on her actual 30th so she waited a year to then celebrate on her 31st! They incorporated their kitchen as the bar area using our LED bar units which lead on to the 6m x 9m marquee with star cloth ceiling, hard wood flooring, carpet, furniture, lighting and heating with table decorations by Table Dressers who you can find on our Useful Links page.

50th Birthday Party in Chigwell (September 2014)

This was no simple job! This came via a recommendation and after a lengthy site visit we decided that the best way to accommodate this party with a pool house was to have three small marquees joined to make the most of the space available plus as an added extra to make everything flow we thought we’d attempt to star cloth the pool house! Below are some pics of how the pool house looks normally and then after we got our hands on it. There is also a nice text at the end, the morning after the event!

16th Birthday Party (September 2014)

A mother wanted a marquee for her daughter’s 16th as she had been turned away by several venues that wouldn’t allow a party for this age group. She had a large enough garden and the flexibility that comes with a marquee worked perfectly. They opted for a nice combination of a white dance floor on a black carpet and also baby pink valances and overlays to add that little touch of colour.

40th Birthday Party (April 2014)

We received a call from a husband who was in the early stages of planning a surprise 40th for his wife. A black & white themed party in a 4.5m x 12m marquee with a 3m x 3m marquee to serve drinks from. This worked really well with the shape of the garden and in terms of decoration we added some bespoke black drapes over the white linings. We also supplied white banqueting chairs with black seat pads along with round tables plus a couple of poseur tables.

18th Birthday Party (Feb 2014)

A client reluctantly organising a surprise birthday for her son’s 18th birthday party for around 80 guests (that she’d rather not have in her house!). She decided to decorate the interior with ivory linings, champagne valances and black overlays. As the event was in early Feb in not the greatest of conditions we used hard wood flooring to keep the floor dry and an indirect diesel heater to keep them warm. Black carpet, black & white dance floor and the poseur tables with bar stools worked really well for this event. We also organised toilet hire from one of our trusted suppliers.

Combined 40th & Christmas Party in Epping (December 2013)

Some people aren’t too keen on having a birthday around Christmas but this client made the most of it! We installed the marquee off of their pool house which was being used as a bar area. We installed all of the essentials to set the scene, Christmas tree included! The party was a great success and started their festive season off with a bang!

21st Birthday Party (November 2013)

A mum contacted me about a surprise party that she wanted to hold for her son who was turning 21. They had a very narrow, but long garden which made it difficult to accommodate the amount of invited guests. We got round this by attaching three marquees in an ‘L’ shape from the living area into the narrow garden. She also wanted a club feel with our LED bar unit, black & white dance floor and complete star cloth ceiling.

Garden Party in Hertfordshire (May 2013)

This was a very simple garden party in Hertfordshire for a bit of cover in a beautiful garden to serve and eat food from. It worked really well with the nice touches of baby pink overlays and valances with perimeter up lighting.

Please watch the short time lapse video below to see the start to finish process.

30th Birthday Party in Chigwell (November 2012)

The big 30! When this client contacted us she wasn’t too keen on turning 30, so she thought why not have a party to make it better! With a complete star cloth ceiling with white linings, black overlays & valances she had a very clear idea on how she wanted the marquee to look. We also supplied the bar area, black & white dance floor plus tables and chairs for some of the older guests. Being a florist she finished the marquee off with some beautiful centre pieces on the tables, balloons and other personal decorations.

Engagement Party (September 2012)

This wasn’t your average engagement party. The parents had a very specific idea of what they wanted for their daughters engagement and we worked with them closely to provide it. They loved the black & white theme and also wanted a round LED bar which we organised and hired in for them. They had a low level seating area, dance floor and a joining marquee at the back just for their five man band. It really was a great event to be part of.

16th Birthday Party (March 2012)

This was a job that was for a girls 16th birthday party and the spec of the job was to create a ‘night club’ effect for 150 people. We covered the entire ceiling in black star cloth with flashing LED lights that react to music, we also used black wall linings, valances and overlays to continue the theme. We laid a hard wood under floor and carpeted with black carpet along with the black and white dance floor to really stand out. To finish the look we added a bar area with poseur tables and bar stools plus low level seating area as a ‘VIP’ lounge with perimeter uplighters to add a contemporary feel.

Christmas Party (December 2011)

Extra space needed for those extra guests at Christmas? No problem! We came off the back of their house with a 6m x 6m marquee which was installed in the snow and was essentially hard floored and supplied with our thermostatically controlled indirect diesel heater so even in the snow, they were all nice and warm inside the marquee!