Lighting & Effects

One of the simplest and most effective ways to create the right ambience within your marquee is choosing the correct lighting & effects. We have traditional or contemporary options as well as different effects with different colours, moving heads and sound reactive lighting.

If you have any further questions regarding lighting & effects or would like a quote then please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form, via email at or call us on 01708 343843.


Our eight arm chandeliers are from an exquisite range with an attractive vintage cream finish. It’s elegant curved arms will add class and elegance to any location. The cream chandelier will look great with cream, ivory or white linings in your marquee supplied with a dimmer switch. Ideal choice for weddings.


Uplighters are great as they are placed around the perimeter of the marquee on the floor and wash up the walls onto the ceiling creating a contemporary feel to any event. We have two different types of uplighter available Рstandard white uplighters which are in a white metal casing and a white bulb or we have LED uplighters which will bring colour to your event. Versatility is the key to this fixture, a double yoke bracket that also means it can sit directly on the ground or inside truss hanging from the ceiling. Great for parties.

Dance Lighting & Effects

For that extra special touch to any event, we can supply a dance lighting package which consists of moving lasers and acrobat lights which react to sound all hung from an aluminium truss creating a lighting effect suitable for a club feel in your marquee, working especially well above a dance floor or alongside our star cloth.

We can also provide mirror balls for a classic ballroom effect lighting. A slowly rotating ball covered with tiny mirrors, each of which reflects beams of light from spot lights which are also provided. Works great on it’s own, in multiple numbers or as part of the dance lighting package.