Bars & Dance Floors

Standard for most parties, drinking and dancing! So of course we can help you in both departments. With a variety of bars and dance floor out there to go along with your theme then we can either provide you with or at least point you in the right direction! We can even supply fridges to go behind the bar to keep your drinks cold.

If you have any further questions regarding bars & dance floors or would like a quote then please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form, via email at or call us on 01708 343843.


Our standard bar that we stock is a white LED bar unit that is 1.5m in width and can be linked together with another to create even more bar space. The colour of the LEDs can be changed to lots of different colours via a remote control to match your colour scheme, or for that party feel you can have different colours changing by fading or flashing automatically. There is a shelf behind the bar which is ideal to prepare drinks and also enough space below the shelf to store drinks.

Black bar units are also available that are around 1.2m in width and again can be linked together if required. There are also rear units with shelving that can be used behind the bar to store drinks and glasses.

If you have a larger budget then there is also a circular LED bar unit that we can source for you which comes in quarters and can be linked if needed to create a semi circle or even three quarters.

Dance Floors

We currently offer three types of dance floor which are black & white chequered, all white and parquet. As a general rule of thumb we recommend that the size of dance floor you should have caters for 25% of your guests in sq/m, so for 100 guests we suggest 25sqm of dance floor. Of course this is space permitting which we are happy to advise on.

It is also possible for us to hire in an all black dance floor, as well as white or black LED dance floors and neon dance floors.


After several enquires we bought some tall, white fridge units standing at around 5ft, with seven shelves, ideal for storing drinks and keeping them refrigerated throughout the event.