One of the great things about hiring a marquee is the flexibility that comes with it. There are lots of ways that you can personalise a marquee with a variety of accessories to fit perfectly with your occasion. With different styles and colours of linings, the endless furniture options and a selection of bars and dance floors we can make your event truly unique.

We at Status Marquees are very happy to meet with you and explore any particular colour preference, theme or setting that you wish to create for your guests. If you need a little help or inspiration we can suggest ideas that may work for you, or if you have a very specific idea then we are confident that we can achieve that for you.

Sometimes we may not have exactly what you want for your event with specific items but we will know someone that has! We are constantly working with a number of suppliers and a range of associates that enable us to manage all your requirements. You are very welcome to visit their web sites for further information.